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About Us

Lostakey is a division of Kahoka, Inc and this website intentionally specializes in replacement keys for tool boxes, tool box keys, T-Handles, Truck Toppers, Truck Caps, Tonneau Covers, Office Equipment and Much More! We focus on these manufactures and are constantly growing and learning as we go.

A.R.E. Truck Caps     ACTIONKOVER Truck Toppers     Allsteel     Anderson Hickey

Arrow Truck Cap     Art Metal     ASCO     Bauer Locks     BESTOP Truck Toppers

Better Built Tool Box     Bommer     Bull tail gate lock     Bulldog hitch lock     Cape Truck Topper

Cargo Max     Carrier Refrigeration     Century Fiberglass Truck Topper     Chicago Lock

Cole Hersee     Cole Riverside     Compx     Corbin Lock     Craftsman     CRS trailer ball lock

Dawes-Better Built tool box     Delta Tool Box     Diamond Plate Tool Box     Eagle Lock

Eberhard Locks     Edsal     EMKA     ESP Lock     Evolv     FIC utility locks     Fire King

Fold-A-Cover truck cover     Fort Lock     GEM top pick up cover

GENERAL MOTORS CONSOLE KEY     General Fireproofing     Gerstner tool boxes

Globe Wernicke     Gunlocke     Haskell     Haworth     Herman Miller     HON     HPC

Hudson cam locks     Hudson garage door     Hudson mailboxes     Hurd padlocks

Hurd tool boxes     Husky Tool Box     Illinois Lock     Jason Industries Truck Toppers

KENNEDY TOOL BOXES     Leer Truck Caps     Leer Truck Toppers    

LOLINER Truck Toppers     Lund tonneau cover     LUND Truck Toppers     Lunstead

Master Lock     Mastercraft tool box     MMF Industries     Mosler Safe     Myrtle

National Lock     Oakes     Owens Products Tool Box     Pro-Tech     Pundra

RAIDER Truck Toppers     Reading tool box     Reese Universal coupler

RNL Roll-N-Lock     Road Pro Trailer Lock     Sandusky     Sears     Sentry Safe

SnugFit Truck Topper     Softopper Truck Topper     SOUTHCO    

SPACECAP Truck Caps     Stanley     Stow Davis     Strattec     Taskforce     Taylor Lock

TFT T-Handles     TrailBoss Tool Box     TrailBox Tool Box     Tri/Mark     TSC Tool Box

TSC Tractor Supply Tool Box     Under Cover     Waterloo tool box

WeatherGuard Weather Guard Tool Box Yakima Golf Carts Yale Lock

We are the source for hard to find keys! If we can’t find the correct key for you, we offer a service to make the key from your lock. All you need to do is send it to us and we will do the rest. Please see details on our website for more information.

All orders need to be placed through our website. If you encounter any problems just let us know and we will be glad to guide you through the process of placing an order.

3032 Ann Drive
Bloomington, IL 61704

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Key for American Van Products
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Key for tonneau cover
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Key for Bull tail gate lock
Key for Bulldog hitch lock
Key for Cargo Max
Key for truck box
Key for Chester RV
Key for Cheyenne RV
Key for Coachman RV, trailers
Key for Craftsman aka Sears
Key for Craftsman Tool box
Key for CRS trailer ball lock
Key for Dawes-Betterbilt tool box
Key for Deal-Tite
Key for Deco trailers, RVs
Key for Delta truck toolbox
Key for Eberhard tool box, camper shell, truck bed cover
Key for FIC utility locks
Key for Fold-A-Cover truck cover
Key for Garage door lock
Key for Gas caps lock
Key for GEM top pick up cover
Key for Gerstner tool boxes
Key for Hudson cam locks
Key for Key News
Key for Hudson garage door
Key for Hudson mailboxes
Key for Hurd padlocks
Key for Hurd tool boxes
Key for Knaack toolboxes
Key for L&F RVs
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Key for Lund tonneau cover
Key for Mastercraft tool box
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Key for Reading tool box
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Key for A.R.E. Truck Toppers
key for A.R.E. Truck Caps
Key for ACTIONKOVER Truck Toppers
key for ACTIONKOVER Truck Caps
Key for Arrow Truck Topper
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Key for Bauer T Handle
Key for SPACECAP Truck Toppers
key for SPACECAP Truck Caps
Key for BESTOP Truck Toppers
key for BESTOP Truck Caps
Key for Better Built Tool Box
Key for TONNEAU COVER Truck Toppers
key for TONNEAU COVER Truck Caps
Key for LUND Truck Toppers
key for LUND Truck Caps
Key for RAIDER Truck Toppers
key for RAIDER Truck Caps
Key for LOLINER Truck Toppers
key for LOLINER Truck Caps
Key for Diamond Plate Tool Box
Key for Dee Zee Tool Box
Key for Husky Tool Box
Key for Weather Guard Tool Box
Key for Kobalt Tool Box
Key for Aries Tool Box
Key for JoBox Tool Box
Key for TrailBox Tool Box
Key for TrailBoss Tool Box
Key for Deflecta-Shield Tool Box
Key for Owens Products Tool Box
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Key for Sportsman Utility Box
Key for Century Fiberglass Truck Topper
Key for Century truck Topper
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Key for Delta Tool Box
Key for TSC Tool Box
Key for Tractor Supply Tool Box
Key for Reading Truck Tool Box Topper
Key for Softopper Truck Topper
Key for Cape Truck Topper

Looking for a key that will fit the lock on your topper back window, side window, T-Handles on sheds and garage doors as well as truck caps or Tonneau Hard Cover? These keys fit many types of toppers like A.R.E, Century, Creative, Jason, Lund, Raider and more. ALL IN ONE PLACE! They also fit truck tool boxes like Delta, Better Built, Creative Industries and many more!

We have the largest inventory of pre-cut, hard to find keys anywhere! That lock you've lost the key for could be here.